Do you find yourself typing the same text again and again? Maybe you are constantly answering the same questions or responding to standard requests. No matter your job, you likely type several phrases several times over a given week.

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For me, I frequently copy and paste my signature line from one source to another. I also respond to inquiries about our Master of Accounting program. Another repetitive task is sending a link to students about how to make an appointment with me. For this, I recommend the new Windows and Mac-based app — aText.

I have entered these options into atext with a short code. When I type that code in any application, the full text is entered. For example, myname will print my entire name.

To download this app, go to

Change some standard snippets to your information and start adding your own. You can sync your options between multiple computers. Best yet, you can get quite a bit of functionality for free!

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