Free CPE and Courses for IMA members

If you are an IMA member, there are several courses and educational opportunities available related to AIS as well as several others. If you are a student, you can become a member for $35 and take advantage of these opportunities. The following AIS-related resources are available to members, some for only a limited time

  • Data Analytics and Visualization Fundamentals Certificate (9 CPE)
  • Blockchain 101 (1 CPE)
  • Technology Webinars on Demand (8 CPE)
  • Technology II Webinars on Demand (6 CPE)
  • Excel 365: Tips in 10
  • Count Me In Podcasts — many technology topics here

Other available courses for members:

  • IMA Strategy and Competitive Analysis Learning Series – prep for CSCA exam
  • Communicating in the 21st Century
  • Strategic Management Webinars on Demand
  • Leadership I and Leadership II Webinars on Demand

To become a member, or to access these courses, go to :

I have taken advantage of several of these opportunities as an IMA member. I hope you find them useful.

Improve your Digital Fitness

Thanks to a former student, I have been trying new Digital Fitness app from PWC. During the pandemic, they are making it free for anyone wanting to better understand the changing technologies and other issues in business.

Once you setup an account, the app guides you through a quiz to determine your digital aptitude. Then based on your score it puts you on a Fitness plan. You improve your score by reading short article or watching videos on various topics from environmental impacts, basics of the blockchain and project management. The articles I have read have been quite informative and interesting.

To sign-up, go to  . If you need a code to signup, use LRNALL.

Start improving your digital fitness 2 minutes at a time.

Are you teaching Blockchain?

For those of us discussing blockchain in our accounting courses, it can sometimes be difficult for students to visualize how the blockchain works.

Visualization of blockchain

I recently used this game in my business analytics and emerging technologies course for upper level accounting students. The feedback was great! Students commented that it helped them visualize the blockchain even more.

Improving teaching — Sometimes the easiest things are best

I hope all of us want to be better teachers and help students learn. That starts with students feeling comfortable in the classroom. Part of that is knowing that you care, or at least notice them.


This Chronicle of Higher Education blog gives 3 ways that you can do this. Guess what? They are all pretty simple.

  • Get to learn students names. Sometimes we may make an error, but show that you are trying.
  • Respond to emails in a timely manner. Along with that, teach your students some basic e-mail etiquette.
  • Show up — for office hours, that is. Be there when you say you will be there.

Solving the cybersecurity skills gap

There is a global cybersecurity skills crisis. The threat continues to grow as there is a shortage of experts to reduce cyber attacks.

Computer Security

One expert believes the field is changing too fast that this issue will not be solved in the classroom. Certifications and other static methods lag behind the latest techniques used by hackers.

The most important skills for a cybersecurity to develop is creativity and curiosity, as well as thinking on one’s feet, skills that are rarely honed while in the classroom. The best learning will be by doing as real attacks are occurring.