Research Tools

This is a short list of tools to help organize and make my academic life a bit easier.

Rocketbook Best notebook. Reusable with electronic storage. If you like writing notes, but want to store them electronically, this is for you. Take note and scan with an app on your phone and store in a variety of applications, such as Evernote, email, or Dropbox.
MendeleyFree citation manager. This manager stores your PDFs, notes and inserts citations into your document. I have used others and like this one the best. Worked well for a 200 page dissertation.
GrammarlyCheck your Writing. Grammarly checks for many of those grammar rules that can slip by when you have reviewed your writing many times. Upgrade to Premium — it is worth it!
ScribendiEditing Service: If you are looking for a reasonably priced, quality editor, then Scribendi is for you. With the manuscripts that I have had reviewed, the feedback was excellent and improved the readability of the paper.
EvernoteElectronic notebook: Great way to save articles or keep notes. Think of this as an electronic notebook. Great to use with your Rocketbook.

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